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what is the royal enfield adventure challenge?

Navigate your way past checkpoints in the bush using our digital road book (expensive equipment not required). Each checkpoint you miss will deduct points.

Checkpoints are allocated points, depending on their difficulty. You will accumulate individual points and secret group points.

There are three routes, each route taking between 2-4 hours.

The OpenRoads Challenge starts at 8am and finishes at 3pm on Saturday 17th of April.

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who do i get there

We will have a ride-out from Melbourne on Friday the 16th of April which you can join. Otherwise, it is a surprisingly nice ride down the M1 to Moe, then a beautiful road from there to the campsite. Total time is 3 hours from Melbourne. Wildlife is active from dusk until dawn on this route, if you are riding, plan to arrive before dusk.

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what are the tracks like

There are three seperate routes.

The first route is dedicated for beginners and will see you traverse easy gravel and graded dirt roads. This route should take a maximum of four hours to complete.

The second route is beautiful, steep and includes washouts. This route should be taken by intermediate adventure riders or riders on light motorcycles. Duration is between 2-3 hours.

The third route consists of river crossings, steep inclines and declines and washouts. This route should be taken by intermediate adventure riders or riders on light motorcycles. Duration is 2-3 hours.

You can take all or any of these routes to accumulate points.

The difficulty of these routes will vary depending on the weather. We have tested the routes in rain and snow and found the tracks to be slippery. In these conditions, you will be advised to fit your motorcycle with aggressive off-road tyres to assist on slippery ascent and decent.

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can beginners participate?

Absolutely. We have designed a route just for you. This route will introduce you to the feeling of graded surfaces like dirt and gravel. If you would like an easy, controlled environment to improve your skills we recommend you participate!

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can i take a pillion?

Yep! We want you to bring your partners and friends along for the ride. If you are bringing a pillion rider, we recommend you take our beginners route. If you are an advanced rider, you can bring a pillion on all routes, but be aware it will be challenging to break and accelerate on steep sections and clear washouts confidently. If you want to bring a pillion, we suggest you ride our beginners route together and then try our intermediate routes on your own.

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what kind of motorcycle do i need?

You can bring any motorcycle as long as it is fitted with enduro tyres. Bikes completing our intermediate routes must have suitable suspension and clearance. If you are a beginner, we recommend bringing a light adventure bike or dirt bike, and if you are an advanced dirt rider, we recommend you bring a heavy adventure bike.

Your motorcycle must be safe to ride and will be checked by the scrutineer upon registration and start line.

If you don't have a suitable motorcycle you can book one for the weekend through OpenRoads (subject to availability).

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what kind of equipment do i need?

You will need a mobile phone holder attached to your handlebars to navigate using our road-book. You will need a USB charger, or chargeable battery pack, if you anticipate completing all three routes to ensure you maintain battery on your phone. You will need a camel pack or backpack to carry water during your ride. Your bike needs to be fitted with enduro/off-road tyres.

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what gear do i need?

It is mandatory to wear an approved helmet at all times when riding your motorcycle during the event. A protective motorcycle jacket, pants, boots and knee protection (soft or hard) must be worn to participate in the OpenRoads Challenge and Enduro Challenge. You will be checked at the starting line.

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what fuel range do i need?

TBC but you should have enough for 80-120km. There is a fuel station close to the start/finish line, so you can fill up each time you return from a track.

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how do i follow the routes?

You can download our road-book app on your phone or print out the road-book in advance. If you are printing the road-book you will need to contact us in advance. More details on the road-book set-up shortly.

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what happens if i get lost?

If you get lost and have signal you can open up Google Maps to direct you back to camp. If you do not have signal, you can try using offline maps which you have downloaded in advance ( app). If neither of those options help, backtrack to the last manned checkpoint or stay where you are. We have logged your exit time and will know to look for you if you don't return within the allocated window.

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what happens if i have an accident?

Complete guide on what to do will be posted up closer to the event.

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what happens if i breakdown?

If you break down, when it is safe to do so, move your motorcycle so it does not obscure the track. Stand in a safe position on the side of the road and flag down another rider for assistance. They may be able to transport you to a manned checkpoint or go and get help. Alternatively, if you have reception, you can call or message our support team.

When it is safe to do so, we will help you retrieve your motorcycle and you can try repairing it at camp.

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can i only do half of the tracks?

You can do as little or as many routes as you like. The more routes you do, the more checkpoints you will earn. You should judge your fatigue, hydration and skill level to determine whether you are fit to ride another route.

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can i arrive on saturday morning?

Yes. Cut off time for OpenRoads Challenge is 9am, so arrive with enough time to register and complete scrutineering.

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what accomodation is available?

You can purchase a camping pass for the weekend ($30) or book one night in a shared cabinย (with bathroom and kitchen) for $80 per person per night. Cabins hold up to 7 people.

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what is ama clubs and do i need a membership?

AMA clubs is our insurance provider. By signing up with a free membership that activates insurance for you to attend our event.

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what is your refund policy?

You can get a refund for your ticket if:
(a) The event is cancelled.
(b) The event is rescheduled and you cannot or do not wish to attend the rescheduled event.
(c) The event is significantly relocated, and the nature of the experience and/or geographic location of the event is fundamentally altered by the relocation. You must apply for a refund within five (5) working days of the announcement of the relocation in order to obtain a refund.
(d) The event is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances that arise during the event, leaving the event uncompleted. (Note however that if a substantial proportion of the event is completed then, depending on the circumstances, OpenRoads Rally may determine that a refund or exchange is not warranted in which case a refund or exchange right will not apply.
(e) You are unable to attend due to injury, illness, illness of any person accompanying you to the event, or other person for whom you need to care; transport failure or delay
(f) For any other reason, provided you apply for a refund 4 weeks before the event date

Please contact for all refund enquiries

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what food is available

We will have chicken parmas on Friday, BBQ on Saturday lunch, burgers on Saturday night. Hot breakfast available.

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adverse weather

In the event of postponement (i.e. due to severe extreme weather or bushfires) OpenRoads Rally will organise an alternate date, at the next earliest practical time, subject to the availability of the site from landowners and registration money will be carried forward.

If you are unable to attend these new dates you are entitled to a full refund of the ticket (minus the booking fee).

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do i need a bike license?

If you are planning to ride a motorcycle (except pillions), you must hold a current motorcycle licence and have a registered bike. You will need to submit your licence and proof of registration.

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