1. sign our waiver form
In order to enter OpenRoads Rally all patrons, riders, staff, merchants and volunteers must complete and sign our waiver form.

We require all participants of OpenRoads Rally to complete this form before entering the event site in order to activate our insurance through Motorcycling Australia.

You will be checked on arrival for your completed waiver form. You may show your email confirmation on your phone or printed copy.

sign waiver form

2. scrutineering

Scrutineers play an important role in motorcycle racing. The role of the scrutineer at OpenRoads Rally is to confirm that your vehicle and your gear meet our safety regulations.

Please click the button below and complete the form before the event. If you are not able to check your motorcycle, we recommend taking it to a mechanic for a service before the event.

Present your email confirmation and gear to the scrutineers on Friday afternoon, they will check your form and provide a sticker of completion.

If you have any questions or need technical help, please contact

complete scrutineer form
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