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how it works

All of Our events are based on the same formula - to challenge, entertain and unite the community, with a focus on learning to navigate.


Hit the dirt in our Navigation Challenge, Barrel Race, Enduro Course and other activities.


You earn points for every challenge you participate in. Bonus points are also up for grabs.


The more points you rack up, the greater your chances of winning. Lots of prizes to go around!

Choose Your Track

There are tracks for every level, from beginner to advanced.You’re welcome to do as many as you like during the track open hours.

Download our Roadbook

Our digital roadbook will be your trusty companion! Simply match the number (distance) in the left column of the roadbook to the number on your trip meter.

download test roadbook

Locate the Checkpoints

Checkpoints are marked on trees and worth different points.You’ll be given a card to stamp every checkpoint you find.

Support On Standby

No matter where you are, we’ll have recovery and paramedics on hand. Whether it’s a breakdown or injury, we’ve got your back.

what is a roadbook?

A roadbook is a series of printed instructions, with turn-by-turn information, including any dangers, and road surface type. 
Used in all long-distance enduro competitions, roadbooks are more accurate and contain more information than a GPX file, which means it's safer and easier to use in remote locations. 

While it may look overwhelming at the start, reading a roadbook is actually waaaay easier than you think! Dialling up the fun factor, the real challenge lies in reading and riding at the same time.
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First timer?

In case you get lost or hurt, we have full recovery support and paramedics ready to go.
If this is your first time participating in a Navigation Challenge, don’t stress! We have had people from all walks of life, ages and tech literacy join in the fun. Plus, help is at every corner!

Enduro course

Overcome as many obstacles as you can to earn points! The more obstacles you overcome, the more points you earn. Each event will have a slightly modified version of this activity, depending on the terrain at the site.

Barrel race

Test your cornering speeds around three barrels. Earn bonus points if you beat our set course time.

Other activities

Every event will offer other activities, like a slow race, dirt track or wheelie competition, to keep things fresh and exciting. Loads more to come.


You can only bring one bike to our events. Encouraging everybody to join in, regardless of skill level, we have a few handicaps to make things fair and even out the playing field.

2 wheel cap

Arrive on your motorcycle (no trailer or 4 wheel vehicle)

interstate cap

Arrive on your motorcycle, from interstate

pillion cap

Bonus points if you ride in our Navigation Challenge with a pillion


Prizes will vary and can be viewed on the individual event page. Please choose your event below for more info.

Broadford VIC

Broadford State Motorcycle Complex
01-03 MARCH 2024

Myrtleford VIC

Myrtleford Recreation Reserve & Showgrounds
10 - 13 March 2023

Desert Edition VIC

Riverside Holiday Park Dimboola Vic
6-8 OCTOBER 2023

Lithgow NSW

Rydal Showground, Market St, Rydal NSW 2790
3-5 November 2023

Prize categories

Prize categories may vary per event and are subject to change.

openroads rally champion

Your points for all OpenRoads Rally events, Australia wide, added up. The more points you have the greater chance you have of winning. Minimum number of points required to enter. More details coming soon.

orr event winner

Your points for all activities at one event are tallied up.The more points you have the greater chance you have of winning.

track prizes

Your points for each route are tallied up. The more points you have, the greater the chance of you winning a prize!

Spirit of Openroads

If you help somebody during the event, and that person nominates you, you have a chance of winning a prize.

learners prize

Randomly drawn prize draw for learner riders participating in OpenRoads Rally

kids prize

Random prize draw for all our small riders participating in OpenRoads Rally

Plus more categories to be announced!


We run all of our events and communications through Discord
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