navigating at openroads rally

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we use roadbooks at our events.
A roadbook is a series of instructions
, with turn-by-turn information, including any dangers, and road surface type. 

Used in all long-distance enduro competitions, roadbooks are more accurate and contain more information than a GPX file, which means it's safer and easier to use in remote locations. 

While it may look overwhelming at the start, reading a roadbook is actually waaaay easier than you think! Dialling up the fun factor, the real challenge lies in reading and riding at the same time.

Our digital roadbook will be your trusty companion! Simply match the number (distance) in the left column of the roadbook to the number on your trip meter.

download test roadbook

How do I get a roadbook?

You will be given a downloadable roadbook PDF for the event which you can open on any device (phone, iPad).
Depending on your device, simply use one of the apps below to open it, or open it as a PDF.
download test roadbook
Rally Blitz Pro
Drive Mode Dashboard

how do i read a roadbook?

Column 1
Column 2
Column 3

1. Read the columns

Column 1:  The distance until you need to complete the instruction.
Column 2: The route you need to follow and an illustration of the instruction.
Column 3: Written or shorthand information about the instruction.

2. Match the number

Compare the number in the left column of the roadbook (distance in km) to the number on your trip meter.

3. Do the instruction

If the number on your trip meter equals this number, you have reached the instruction.
To proceed, simply follow the instructions provided (e.g. follow the direction of the arrow, change your speed, avoid dangers, etc.).

roadbook symbols

These are the symbols we use in our roadbooks. Don't worry if you can't memorise them, our beginner roadbook has explanatory text plus icons to help you learn by doing.
download symbol sheet

test your trip meter

You must have a trip meter either on your app or on your bike to read the roadbook.

Open up your roadbook in the app of your choice, and go for a walk to test that the trip meter is working in the app.

If you plan on opening the roadbook as PDF, you will use your motorcycle trip meter. Please check that your motorcycle trip meter works and does not reset when you turn your motorcycle off.
download test roadbook


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