You don't need fancy equipment to navigate at OpenRoads Rally. Simply follow the steps below to get ready.

1. download the test roadbook

Note: the test roadbook won't make sense right now as you are not reading it at the location. The week of the event we will send you the real roadbooks with the real location via email.
download test roadbook here!

2. choose print or digital

3. test your trip meter

Open up your roadbook reader app, and go for a drive/walk/ride and test that the trip meter is working in the app.

If you plan on printing your roadbook, please check your trip meter works and does not reset when you turn your motorcycle off.

You must have a trip meter either on your app or on your bike to read the roadbook.

4. reading the ROADbook

The aim of the roadbook is to match the distance in the left column to the number on your trip meter. When your trip meter reads the same distance as the roadbook, you should see landmarks and roads that look like the picture in the roadbook. You then do as the picture instructs (turn, continue straight, find checkpoint, avoid dangers etc).

Handy hint! Make sure you adjust your trip meter each time you're at a waypoint, even if it is only one meter off!

If you make a mistake, all you need to do is double back to the last instruction that matched up and made sense. Adjust your trip meter to that number and then go again.
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