motorcycle maintenance checklist

Worry-free riding at OpenRoads Rally
fun fact 4% of riders who attend OpenRoads Rally breakdown 😍
We've had engines seize and oil dropped, broken switches, clogged filters, blown fuses and broken subframes. We've had kilometre walks back to camp and rescue missions in the dark.

It's the nature of adventure, and while we can't stop everything (where's the fun in that!), basic bike maintenance should help you avoid our unlucky 4%.

Below you'll see we've compiled a basic maintenance checklist.

Making sure you've checked everything on this list will ensure you don’t skip any steps — and that you can hit the tracks with complete confidence in the safety of your motorcycle.

Most of these tasks can be done at home, but for the ones that you can't, seek help from your local mechanic 😊
Month before
Day before
General inspection for leaks and drips (oil, fuel), fork oil seals, sump plug, brake fluid
Fresh fuel
Pivot points and moving parts for wear and interference (kickstand pivot, swingarm and suspension linkages), bushings and bearings. Replace or grease.
Check and tighten all bolts and critical fasteners: handlebar, triple clamps, axle bolts and adjusters, motor mounts and mirrors
Battery - put on charge or ride and test voltage . Check fuses, lights and horn.
Lights and horn
Tyres - do you have enough tread? It’s time for replacement when the wear bar (set in a sipe or groove) becomes flush with the surface of the tire.
Tyre pressure
Chain - seized links, excessive chain and sprocket wear
Clean & lube your chain
Brakes - how much is left on the pads, are the brake lines in good condition, check your brake fluid
Check brakes and brake levers
Cables - oil and grease cable housing
Check and clean air filter
Check oil and coolant levels
Check oil and coolant levels